Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos
with this foolproof method!

God punishes small sins right away
– Big sins are punished later…

If you have ever had deep regrets about a tattoo and wish you could turn back the clock, you are not alone – around 15 percent of people with tattoos are dying to get rid of them.

It’s just so embarrassing when the name of your old flame is still unmistakably emblazoned on your skin, a poorly engraved tattoo blemishes your appearance or you are stuck with an outdated trend.

The same goes for the notorious tramp stamp, which was a hot trend several years ago. The name itself is so derogatory that many women prefer to wear a one-piece over a bikini because they are ashamed and are afraid of being ridiculed by other people.

What everyone has been waiting for
– Finally there is a real alternative to laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is very expensive, extremely painful and the results can be unsatisfactory, especially for colored tattoos. Forget about it if you have white, yellow and pink. These pigments cannot be removed, because they are made out of plastic compounds that reflect laser beams.

The new innovative BLTR anti-tattoo cream is simply brilliant.

A great invention to remove your unwanted tattoos much cheaper, easier and more effectively than a laser treatment!!!

You will of course need to have some patience with this gentle treatment. But after a few months you will see a significant lightening of the tattooed areas. Within 6 to 12 months (depending on the type of tattoo) your unwanted tattoos will disappear completely, without harming your skin or its natural pigments.

Your skin will look like new. No patches or even scars at all! And you can also remove tattoos with bright colors because the ingredients of the cream can dissolve ALL color pigments.

Laser tattoo removal can cost you at least ten times as much as the tattoo itself. For example, if you paid 120 USD for your tattoo, you would have to be prepared to shell out 1,200 to 2,000 USD for laser removal.

By contrast, removing these tattoos with a BLTR-Cream treatment will only cost you about 80 USD for permanent makeup, about 420 USD for a tattoo in black ink and up to 480 USD for colored tattoos.

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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions

When the first results are visible naturally depends on several different factors, such as your skin type. The age of the tattoo, its quality and the number of colors used in it are also relevant. The first results can be seen after just a few months.

Approximately 10 applications are possible for a tattoo size of 10 square centimeters, corresponding to an application period of 8 weeks. This is a result of the economical dosage enabled by the handy dosing syringe. The BLTR-Cream should always be applied thinly.

Our products can be purchased at online shops, tattoo stores, beauty salons, and in pharmacies throughout Europe starting in June 2016.

The prices are as follows:

P (Permanent) to remove permanent makeup
1x dosage for approx. 10 applications.
Price USD 29.90 (only USD 2.99 per application)

B (Black) to remove black tattoos
1x dosage for approx. 10 applications.
Price USD 69.90 (only USD 6.99 per application)

C (Color) to remove black and colored tattoos
1x dosage for approx. 10 applications.
Price USD 79.90 (only USD 7.99 per application)

The BLTR-Cream should be applied thinly on the affected areas of the skin at night and massaged into the skin for 5 minutes. Always wait 6 days before the next application.

The ingredients work better when they are not exposed to daylight. The cream does not contain a UV filter.

They are suitable for all skin types (not with eczema).

Only BLTR-Cream P (permanent makeup) can be used on the face.
Direct eye contact should be avoided.

The BLTR-Cream is easily applied to clean and dry skin and massaged in for about five minutes. The skin should not come into contact with water, disinfectants or other substances immediately after application.

Individual sensitivities to individual ingredients may exist in general.

The BLTR-Cream was developed over a period of over 2 years and was subject to
numerous tests. BLTR-Cream products are produced in compliance with the good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines for quality assurance.

Standard recipes used for many years in cosmetic products serve as the basis for the cream. They are proven, stable and safe. One ingredient we developed ourselves has been added, which triggers the desired effects of the BLTR-Cream.

Bitechpanthenol Lipid Tattoo Removal.

No. The ingredient and the extraction and potentization process is protected by us worldwide. This unique ingredient is used exclusively in BLTR-Cream products.

No, ingredients from other products may adversely affect the success of the application.

41-47 degrees °F (refrigerator) is the optimum storage temperature to ensure that the ingredients retain their efficacy. The storage life of the product is specific to each product and is printed on the containers. BLTR-Cream products should be kept out of reach of children.

In Canada and United Kingdom.

Inquiries may be sent by email using the contact form. We will gladly send you more information after looking into your inquiry.